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Welcome to our  car  restoration  page!

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Ford E83W


1932 Ford B


​​​​This 1932 Ford B was bought by the costumer about 20 years ago, and waited to be restored. After a complete overhaul, a hell of a sheet metal body work, and a brilliant paint job, this baby was ready to poke some eyes out on the road.

Restoration:  Kuiper Customs

Paintjob: Shimon Banun

1934 Hillman Minx



This 1934 Hillman Minx used to be in service of the British police during the British mandate in Israel, being used in wild chases after weapon smugglers that tried to bring firearms into Israel.

This beauty might not go on them chases no more, but it sure will got back on the road, looking better than ever...

Restoration:  Kuiper Customs

Paintjob: Shimon Banun

1974  2CV


Having one of these wonders serving us as our family car, made us quite attached to this restoration.

Defenitely the best car in the world...   A sheer joy to ride, and it rides everywhere.  The simple, yet genius mechanics and build of the 2CV,  makes you wonder why they don't make 'em like this anymore...

This specific restoration was a very emotional one, and was made with a lot of love in hope it will serve its owner for many years and will help to keep some memories alive.

Restoration:  Kuiper Customs

Paintjob:   אילן - מוסך פחחות וצבע, חדרה

1931  Chevrolet Phaeton


Woodwork, and a lot of it, was necesary to be done on this beauty, amongst all the other usual work we do.   The woodwork was decaying and some arts non-original, so getting back to the original meassurements and keeping the true lines of the car took some effort.   Much time was spent on detailing and trying to get our hands on certain parts so this jewel could look at its best.  After all, there are about 50 pieces of it left...

Restoration:  Kuiper Customs

Paintjob:  Shimon Banun

Messerschmitt KR201

Our first Messerschmitt restoration, and a 201 non the less...

We had to do some major rebuild here, and were lucky to have a perfectionist owner for this one that cared that all the parts will arrive before we even needed them.

That guy even went to the airport to pick up people with that little thing :)

Messerschmitt - FMR

The worst basket cases we ever come across,

are those who have been worked on before - and not in a good way...

This FMR had been transformed to some sort of buggy, probably by some kids who were looking for some fun.

Keeping the chassis, we worked on and rebuilt probably anything else around it...

Messerschmitt KR200

Mini Minor

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Upcoming projects:

  • Mercedes 190SL  1957

  • and maybe another messerschmitt or two...

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