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The BaStArd

​​Our first 1942 B.S.A. M20 restoration started as a pile of rust with an outline of what used to be a second World War British army motorcycle, which many of its sort where left in the country after the British mandate. Despite this fact, it is getting very hard today to find an unrestored bike, for many so called "metal recyclers" had found and recycled them amongst any other pieces of scrap metal they could find for a bit of cash. Our bike was hiding in the bushes for 20 years or so, and waited for us to find it. We decided its original looks was too bulky, and with all respect to its dutiful army service, we wanted it to be reborn as a free spirit... Since its rebirth didn't preserve its original looks, we decided to name it "the BaStArd", keeping respects to its origins.

Restoration:  Kuiper Customs

Paintjob: Kuiper Customs


​​This BMW R60 from 1956 was brought by a costumer who wished to revive it after it has been sitting in his garage for the past 15 years. "It was running last time I tried it..." He said... yeah, right. what seemed at first glance as a moderately preserved bike, turned out to be a complete overhaul job. Removing the paintjob revealed the prior "restoration" work done by another, eventually forcing us to rebuild complete parts of the body, add on to that an inside-and-out job on the engine, transmission, wiring, and pretty much everthing else. Well, that was an educational restoration more than everything else.

Restoration:  Kuiper Customs


BMW R50 Sidecar

​​It was impossible to fix or, better said, ressurect, the side car Gery was handed to... So he decided to build a new one... from scratch.

Restoration:  Kuiper Customs



A 1949 german motorcycle, that served some of the higher middle class in its prime.  Simple, beautiful, and still needed every bit of love we could give, for it had been somewhat abused along the years... 

Restoration:  Kuiper Customs

Paintjob: Shimon Banun

1947  Spiegel Cycle

The Belgian "The Spiegel Cycle" company which was active from 1932 to 1950 used bits and pieces from different makes to make their own motorcycles and motorcarriers. Mainly they were using BSA engines and frames like in this case.  Since very little information was available, and the bike got to us barely as falling apart frame and engine, we took the liberty to make our own design, keeping the frame and engine as they were.



Restoration:  Kuiper Customs

Paintjob:  Kuiper Customs

The  Mongrel   -   1939 Villiers/NSU

To the clients' request,  this piece was restored to its "original" look, that was a custom mix of an NSU with Villiers parts.  A lot had to be re-engineered and perfected along the way in order to get a fine 125cc motorcycle that runs smoothly and is a pleasure to ride on sun soaked weekends.

1968 Triumph T90

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